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What we do

Our story starts with Saturday morning sweeping of the dirt oven, mornings spent dancing cocoa with my grandfather and the countless rainy nights and hot coca tea in enamel mugs. It is the Sunday sea visits to collect shells and family meals around the table.

To teach someone about clay is to introduce them to the divine; to show them the way to themselves.

Our One Day Workshops are fun and help to introduce participants to the world of clay through hand-building and wheel throwing.

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Wheel throwing and handbuilding equipment

Slab Roller, Used for rolling out slabs of clay for handbuilding
Clay Extruders, Can be used to make handles or sculptural pieces
Toolss, ribs, wooden knives, ribbon tools
Kilns, The biggest piece of studio equipment, used for firing clay pieces.

Take a look at some of our past workshops.

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