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Motive plays a big part in everything we do or don’t do. I was reminded on Saturday evening during our Old Year’s Service.The speaker was referencing new year resolutions: why they are made and why they mostly fail. This posit was not new to me but it’s good to check in once in a while and see where your head is.

For the past six months, I have been operating primarily on an emotional level. Logic and reasoning took a holiday and feelings ran amok. While there were some health challenges and technical issues with equipment owing to the weather, I avoided the studio because the ‘feeling’ wasn’t there. I avoided my website because I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. Of course you know when the tally is made sales were not as high as last year and my interaction with the public was not as frequent. Haven’t we been here before?

So the question is: “Am I in this business because of feeling?” If I am in it to succeed, why do things to self-destruct?

A lot of times I let fear and feelings rule my actions. Fear comes from making comparisons with other entrepreneurs, being afraid to fail. Maybe you can relate? These two emotions, however, shouldn’t run anything. Fear causes growth to be stunted. Feelings feed on fear and paralyze you. Both are not good for business.

What’s The New Word?

This year, while I didn’t make a formal new years resolution I am determined to examine my actions and make sure they align with my motives. it’s important to me because most times, I love what I do in the studio; not so much when it gets out of control That, however, is no reason to throw in the towel or sit back and watch Rome burn.

So my new word for this year is discipline. I’m going to get things done even when I don’t feel it. Adulting cannot only refer to the full time job. It has to spill over into the fledgling business. It is definitely needed there. My motivation is to leave something behind for my girls; something more valuable than money (I do want to leave them money) Their mother worked hard and worked smart. She worked honestly. Their mother was not a quitter. She was successful in the truest meaning of the word. Discipline is what will help motivation over the finish line.

Have you found that there are times when you have to give yourself that extra push?

what has been your experience when questioning your motives?

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