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I’ve been thinking a lot about change recently; how from moment to moment everything shifts. It’s what drove the Impressionists to chase the light in their paintings to just catch that one moment.

Life of late makes me question what have I been doing to capitalize on every second; to not waste the gift of time. If 2020-2021 taught us anything it’s that life is fleeting and the change is the only constant. I see it in each new line on my face when I look in the mirror. I touch it as I take in the new grey hairs at my temple that wasn’t there a month ago. I embrace it as I hold my girls at the airport to say goodbye and wish them God’s speed on their new journey. Change comes whether we are ready or not.

Clay is Change

I guess clay is like that as well. From the time it comes out of the ground- or in my case the bag, it starts to change. It reacts with the atmosphere which is taking the moisture away. It interacts with my hands as I seek to slap, twist and mold it into shape. The final glazing and firing creates a final and permanent change and then to a table or a hand to hold a cup or bowl to use.

How do you face all the changes that have been happening these past two years?

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